Why You Don’t Need WordPress

Do you really need WordPress? If you’re reading this and you’re not a web developer or web designer, the answer is “probably not”.

Why You Don't Need WordPress -- You Need YogaBrite!

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that most small business owners don’t need WordPress and probably shouldn’t use it.

Specifically, most small business owners do not need a self-hosted WordPress website. In fact, for most small businesses, a self-hosted WordPress website is more of a liability than an asset.

WordPress’ flexibility and power also make it a big giant pain in the buttocks. It’s like driving a tank to a tea party. Most likely, you really do not need a self-hosted WordPress website. Or self-hosted website of any type.

This is why so-called “Manage WordPress” hosting services have become popular. But, in my opinion, it is hit or miss as to whether it’s managed the right amount. More like “Mischief Managed” to me.

Mischief Managed

WordPress.com is pretty restrictive, so if your business grows or you want to change it up a little, you’ve got no options to add your own plugins, custom theme, etc. But, with all that said, I’ve never run into anyone who needed me to rescue them from their own WordPress.com website. So, I’ll give them that.

Other managed WordPress hosting services have varying levels of restrictions and I’ve seen plenty of people get into all kinds of trouble and still not be able to expand their business when & how they needed to. And I’ve made a decent amount of money rescuing people from these other “managed WordPress” solutions. It’s lucrative for me, but I’m also sick of it because it’s really not such a great deal for my clients, either financially or logistically.

Some of my friends & clients have tried fully managed, proprietary services such as SquareSpace.com. I actually would recommend SquareSpace.com. Their “2 week trial” is a little tedious and can create unnecessary stress or pressure to go live before you really feel ready (you can ignore their demands to go live, but you do have to start paying after 2 weeks).

It’s Handled

So, that’s why I’ve started offering my own fully supported, fully expandable WordPress hosting and development services, exclusively for yoga teachers (or anyone who doesn’t mind being on a yoga teacher network … but likes having a seriously kick-ass WordPress Developer covering their assets!)

I manage WordPress fully, myself (like I always do). With YogaBrite™ the site is already set up with the basic pages you need to promote yourself as a yoga teacher (or whatever else you need to promote yourself as!). You get to log into the WordPress admin panel that you already know (and hopefully don’t hate) and manage the stuff you care about yourself. I take care of the rest of the stuff you don’t.

And, since I am your friendly, fellow-yoga-teaching, Full Stack WordPress Developer, when you need to have that certain plugin or your theme just isn’t cutting it anymore: We can do that!

I am here for you and you can consider it handled!

So, your choice: Mischief Managed … or … It’s Handled!

If you would like to experience a truly managed WordPress hosting service and having your own personal Full Stack WordPress Developer when and if you need it, sign up for YogaBrite today!