Memorandum of Engagement

When you sign up for YogaBrite web hosting and online studio management and promotion services, you will be asked to agree to the YogaBrite Memorandum of Engagement as follows:

By signing up for YogaBrite web hosting and online studio management services, you are hiring a professional web developer and full stack WordPress developer, Bonnie Walker, of Bend, Oregon, USA, to perform the following web development services for you, in accordance with the YogaBrite Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use and Anti-Spam Policy:

Set up a basic yoga studio / yoga teacher website based on the WordPress content management system with the following features:

  • Nine initial web pages set up for your for your yoga studio / yoga teaching information, including:
    • Home
    • About
    • Schedule
    • Pricing
    • Contact page with Contact form already set up for you
    • Landing Page Template
    • Website Terms of Service Template
    • Website Privacy Policy Template
  • Unlimited Additional pages may be added to your website, at no additional charge on a “self-serve” basis
  • Navigation Menus: already set up for the initial nine pages, plus a social media links menu
  • WordPress Themes: After being thoroughly vetted and accepted for use on a WordPress Multisite Network, YogaBrite can add additional themes for your website on a self-serve basis or at additional web development costs (see below).
  • Forms: YogaBrite licenses the Gravity Forms form plugin for WordPress at the “Elite” level. You can create an unlimited number of forms for all of your yoga studio website needs and utilize the Gravity Forms Add-Ons
  • Online Payments via GravityForms and
    YogaBrite recommends connecting a online payments account with GravityForms in order to take payments online
    You can also connect a PayPal account, if you wish.
  • MailChimp and other 3rd Party Services via
    You can connect your website via GravityForms (on the YogaBrite Network) with 3rd party services such as MailChimp and more. The complete list is available at:
  • Your initial website will be based on the YogaBrite domain:
  • Optional: You can optionally choose a package that includes the addition of one custom domain name for your website
    • YogaBrite is not a domain registrar, you must register domain names separately at additional charge
    • YogaBrite recommends or
    • If you wish to register more than one domain for your yoga teaching / yoga studio, you obviously can and you can use the domain forwarding services at your domain registrar to point them at your YogaBrite website. YogaBrite will “park” only one domain per account using a CNAME or A Record (this will be fully explained for you! I promise!)
    • You should use email & email forwarding services provided by your domain name registrar or an email service such as gSuite or Outlook.
  • Let’s Encrypt Secure Certificate (https://)
  • Self Serve: All YogaBrite features are included with your set up fee and monthly subscription on a “self serve” basis and are documented in the Help & How to section so that you can do them yourself
  • Full Service: If you want YogaBrite to do the personalization work for you or if you would like any custom web development for your website, Full Service personalization / customization is available at additional cost at $90/hour with a two hour minimum.
  • Founding Member Benefits:
    As a founding member of the YogaBrite Network, you will be entitled to use any and all online studio management and promotional tools that are released as long as you continue your membership website at The pricing for the Founding Member Package may change from time to time, but there will be a Founding Member Package at reduced pricing for you! Any changes in price will not affect you until your 12 month minimum subscription renews.
  • Inclusion in the YogaBrite directory, subject to approval
  • Prices are subject to change with 30 day advance notice, and will take affect the next time your monthly subscription renews
  • Refund & Cancellation Policy:In consideration of a) the time and investment Bonnie Walker has made, and continues to make in, building and maintaining the YogaBrite Network, b) YogaBrite providing its services without 3rd party advertisements, and c) the time that it takes to both set up and take down a website for you, there are NO REFUNDS on the set up fee and the Cancellation Policy is as follows: If a cancellation is necessary, 30 days notice is required. Your website on the YogaBrite network will be dismantled, with no refund on any fees or subscription payments that have already been processed. Your subscription will be cancelled and no further payments will be taken. In the event of a cancellation, it is up to you to download your website content, customer data and media before your YogaBrite services are taken down.

If you have any questions about this Memorandum of Engagement, please Contact YogaBrite.

If you are ready to get started with YogaBrite, please sign up here!