How YogaBrite Works

YogaBrite provides fully managed web hosting and online promotional tools for yoga teachers  in the United States. If you’ve been told that you need to promote yourself as a yoga teacher, but you have no idea how — YogaBrite may be just the service you are looking for!

Here is How YogaBrite Works:

  1. Please Read The Following Articles
    I know they sound boring and everyone usually skips them and signs up anyway, but they have been written in plain English so that they actually are readable because they have a lot of important information you need to know about hosting your website and using the YogaBrite Service:

    If you have any questions about these policies, please contact YogaBrite.

  2. Complete the New Client Intake and Memorandum of Engagement
    This establishes our relationship as client and web developer as well as the types of services YogaBrite provides and our web development capabilities.
  3. Review & Acceptance
    I will personally review your intake information and Memorandum of Engagement and if it looks like we have a good fit, I will invite you to register for YogaBrite’s online services.

    • Please note that the sign up process is not automated or automatic . It will take at least one business day for me to review your intake information and reply back to you. In order to ensure the integrity of the service and to ensure that YogaBrite can meet the needs of your studio or yoga teaching profile, I personally review and onboard every new client at YogaBrite.
  4. Invoice & Subscription Payment
    Once I accept your Memorandum of Engagement, I will send you an invoice to pay for the Set Up Fee and agree to a monthly subscription. There is a one time, non-refundable set up fee and a minimum 12 month subscription required to sign up for YogaBrite. YogaBrite offers several packages to suit your web hosting, online studio management and promotional needs and your budget.
  5. Basic Website Set Up
    When I receive confirmation of your set up fee payment and monthly subscription, I will set up a basic yoga studio website for you on the YogaBrite network the same or next business day. You will receive a welcome email from YogaBrite when your website is set up.

    • Your brand-new website will look and work quite a lot like the YogaBrite Example website, so go ahead and check that out so you know what to expect
    • I have written the YogaBrite Cheat Sheet to help guide you in the process of personalizing and building out your website, or for transferring your current website into the YogaBrite Network
    • Your website will initially be on the domain (eg:, so that you can privately and quietly work on it until you are ready to launch
    • When you are ready to launch, we can either register a new domain name for you, you can transfer an existing domain, or you can stick with the domain.
    • When your domain name and website are ready to go, we will add you to the YogaBrite Directory and you can start publicizing the launch of your new website!
  6. Next Steps
    After your website is launched, you can start taking advantage of the YogaBrite Online Studio Management & Promotional Tools that come with your website! But more on that when we get to it!

That’s enough to get us started!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me using the YogaBrite Contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you are ready to get started, please complete the YogaBrite New Client Intake and Memorandum of Engagement!