Anti-Spam Policy

“Zero Tolerance”

YogaBrite does not knowingly send bulk messages in order to market itself and does not ask visitors for personal information such as financial information, passwords or logins via email.

YogaBrite provides email hosting and newsletter sending services to its clients.  Clients must use this feature responsibly and must not use it to send bulk, unsolicited messages. 

However, if you have received a SPAM or Phishing message that appears to be from YogaBrite, please contact us via the Customer Support contact form.

Please SAVE a copy of the suspicious message and we will give you an email address to forward it to.

SPAM Filtering
YogaBrite employs several firewall and filtering software programs to help prevent the appearance of SPAM messages on the YogaBrite Network websites.  However, no program is 100% effective or 100% accurate so:

  • If you believe that inappropriate or unsolicited messages have been posted to your website, please log into your YogaBrite Admin Panel and mark the message as SPAM.  YogaBrite SPAM filters learn what is and what is not SPAM every time you use this feature, so please use it well.
  • If you find that an excessive amount of SPAM messages (more than 10 per day) have been posted to your website, please contact YogaBrite Customer Support.

YogaBrite Security Lock Down

In the event of an Internet attack during which excessive messages are being posted, or where new signups or login attempts are being made, YogaBrite reserves the right to put the site into “Lock Down” mode where absolutely no changes can be made to the site.  We try to limit the use of Lock Down mode but want you to know that during a denial of service or brute force attack, it may be necessary to suspend use of the site in order to protect the integrity of the service and the privacy of the information the site contains. This lockdown procedure is a preventative measure and is analogous to a life guard asking everyone to leave the pool area during a storm.

IP Blocking

YogaBrite reserves the right to block individual IPs, IP blocks, and even entire countries or geographical areas based on the IP addresses collected during a denial of service or brute force attack. If you are legitimately attempting to access any of the YogaBrite websites and believe you are being blocked by IP address, IP block or by geographical region, please contact YogaBrite Customer Support. For more information on how YogaBrite collects and uses IP Addresses, please see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions regarding the YogaBrite Anti-Spam Policy & Security Procedures, please contact Customer Support.

Last Updated November 28, 2018