About Bonnie

Bonnie Walker
Full Stack WordPress Developer
Bend, Oregon USA

As a professional web developer since 1999, Bonnie began working with WordPress in 2007 and absolutely hated it. After migrating one client to the WordPress and one client to Drupal, she decided she hated both of them, and put everything back into hard coded HTML that she had to update herself all the time for her clients. Yep, it was that bad.

In 2010, she started to begrudgingly admit that she was tired of constantly re-inventing the web development / Content Management System wheel and that WordPress both produced the cleanest HTML code that she felt like dealing with and that the WordPress coding style was the best match for her own coding style. At the time, WordPress was also becoming popular enough that clients were beginning to recognize and feel comfortable with working in the WordPress admin environment.

By 2013, she migrated her “Web Baby Shower” online baby shower service to the WordPress Mulitisite platform and thereby became a full-fleged, self-admitted WordPress Dork.

In working with WordPress to keep online baby shower (and therefore pregnancy and baby birth) data private, Bonnie learned a ton about keeping WordPress safe and secure. And conversely about how to hack it to pieces.

In 2017, Bonnie sold the Web Baby Shower for WordPress Multisite plugin, along with the entire Web Baby Shower website.

Her current projects include re-creating her success with WordPress Multisite by hosting a network for independent yoga teachers in the United States called “YogaBrite™” and consulting for companies whose MarCom personnel have run amuck with WordPress and need to get their WordPress installations back into compliance with reality, not to mention major local, state, national and international laws (Can We Say GDPR?).

When she’s not behind a computer, enjoying a nice cup of tea, or on a yoga mat, Bonnie enjoys spending time in the great outdoors of Bend, Oregon where she lives with her family.